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Four Young Poets
Lewis Turco at Fenn College 1962
Lewis Turco and Clarence Farrar
Bread Loaf 1968
The Mathom Bookshop
Carmen 1989
West Virginia Trip
Alumni 1
Alumni 2
Peaches & Lew
Lewis Turco at WCUPC 2004
Turco Panel
Mike, Lew & Steven
Tor House 1
Tor House Aura
Tor House Musketeers
Tor House 4
Tor House from the Tower
Sarah Josepha Hale Award 2004
Birthday Cake
Lew at 40th anniversary of creative writing at Oswego
Lew Turco & Leigh Allison Wilson
Alice Teeter & Lewis Turco
Turco by Wm. Stafford
West Chester University Poetry Conference 2008
Osgood, Coursen, & Turco
Yeoman Turco
Portrait of Wesli Court, 1982
Loring Williams and Melora Ann Turco
Dana Gioia and Lewis Turco at West Chester, 2008
Lewis Turco at West Chester, 2008