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January 25, 2009

January 23, 2009

January 20, 2009

January 13, 2009

January 01, 2009

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  • Wesli Court Self-Interview
    Wesli Court is interviewed by Lewis Turco about his new collection titled The Gathering of the Elders and Other Poems.
  • Traveler's Moon
    Photograph by Adel Gorgy
  • Three Poems
    “Domestic Duties Scorecard,” “Leftover Shakespearean Gnomes,” "Tsunami Strait."
  • Thinking Out Loud
    A poem in Per Contra, Issue 35, Spring 2015,
  • The Virginia Quarterly Review
    "The Mutable Past," a memoir collected in FANTASEERS, A BOOK OF MEMORIES by Lewis Turco of growing up in the 1950s in Meriden, Connecticut, (Scotsdale AZ: Star Cloud Press, 2005).
  • The Tower Journal
    Two short stories, "The Demon in the Tree" and "The Substitute Wife," in the spring 2009 issue of Tower Journal.
  • The Tower Journal
    A story, "The Car," and two poems, "Fathers" and "Year by Year"
  • The Tower Journal
    Memoir, “Pookah, The Greatest Cat in the History of the World,” Spring-Summer 2010.
  • The Michigan Quarterly Review
    This is the first terzanelle ever published, in "The Michigan Quarterly Review" in 1965. It has been gathered in THE COLLECTED LYRICS OF LEWIS TURCO/WESLI COURT, 1953-2004 (www.StarCloudPress.com).
  • The Gawain Poet
    An essay on the putative medieval author of "Gawain and the Green Knight" in the summer 2010 issue of Per Contra.
  • The Flea
    Four poems.
  • The Aroostook Review
    An interview, some poems, and an Xmas card with the printmaker George O'Connell.
  • The Tower Journal, Winter 2009-2010
    Song of the Mower: The Memoir of a Navy Buddy, a memoir about, and a poem by, Francis T. Rath.
  • The Poems of Lewis Turco
    In the Santa Cruz Good Times Poetry Corner
  • Sestinamania
    Two new sestina anthologies
  • Poetry Porch
    Three poems by Wesli Court in Poetry Porch, Spring 2009, "Basso Profundo, A Carol," "A Paternal Curse," and "The Shade."
  • Poetry from East to West
    Two poems, "Columbian Ode" and "Sestina" by Wesli Court
  • Ploughshares
    "The Man in the Booth" (story); "Vigilance," "Joseph Carr," "Brontophobia" (poems).
  • Per Contra, Spring 2009
    Two poems by Wesli Court, one for Yeats' Birthday and the other for Joyce's Bloomsday.
  • Per Contra, Fall 2008
    A short story, "Moving Day."


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Turco Shots

  • Lewis Turco in 2009
    Lewis Turco at the 40th birthday of the Oswego Creative Writing Program